Mobo Triton

Mobo Triton – Red
The Triton has a patented, precision engineered, rear-wheel steering system, which gives the feeling of drifting and alleviates balance problems. The Triton is also a perfect replacement for beach cruisers, exercise bicycles, and exercise equipment that supports weight loss and light cardiovascular fitness. Also, with an adjustable frame, the Triton is ideal for the entire family, children and adults.

Mobo Triton – Blue
7 slots adjusting from 40″ to 49.5″ in length to fit people from 3’5″ to 5’5″

Unique steering system; Versatile maneuverability
220 lbs. maximum weight capacity; for girls, boys and adults up to 5’5″
16″ front wheel and 12″ rear wheels
Mobo Triton – Silver
The Tri-ton Three-Wheeled Cruiser is an exciting and ultra-maneuverable cruiser for children and adults. With a very unique, yet simple steering mechanism, it is not only fun to steer, it’s also easy to ride, durable and a is a great way to get a light to brisk work out resulting in increased cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination. The Tri-ton sits low to the ground, which makes it safe to ride. Tri-ton was designed to be simple, reliable, and fun.