Traffic Principles

bicycle-traffic-sign1.     Ride on the right
Always ride with the flow of traffic.
Do not ride on the sidewalk.
Allow yourself room to maneuver around roadway hazards.

2.    Yield to traffic in busier lanes
Roads with higher traffic volumes should be given right-of-way.
Always use signals to indicate your intentions to switch lanes.
Look behind you to indicate your desire to move and to make sure that you can.

3.    Yield to traffic in destination lane
Traffic in your destination lane has the right-of-way.
Making eye contact with drivers lets them know that you see them.
Signal and make your lane change early, before you need to.

4.    Directional Positioning
Position yourself in the right-most lane that goes in the direction of your destination.
Ride in the right third of the lane.
Avoid being overtaken in narrow-lane situations by riding in the right third of the lane.

5.    Speed Positioning
Position yourself relative to the speed of other traffic.
Left-most lane is for fastest moving traffic, right-most for slower traffic.
Yield to faster moving vehicles by staying to the right in the lane.

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